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Farmers coffee was born in the mountains of the state of Espírito Santo, the cradle of growers who derive their pride and sustenance from the land.Our company has always been driven by the vision and mission of reconciling our respect for rural work and care for the uniqueness of each bean purchased by our clients. We are consultants and coffee traders but,first and foremost, we are people and we believe that the interaction and the dialogue with each and every person involved in the process of coffee bean production is essential to provide an innovative and welcoming service, resulting in a top-notch roast.

Farmers Coffee was born in 2019 when four young men wanted to honor their families’ coffee expertise and knowledge, while bringing a modern approach to coffee processing. Dério Brioschi Junior, João Paulo Marcate, Luiz Henrique Pimenta, and Phelipe Brioschi were born into coffee producer families and were involved in the daily routine of coffee production from an early age.Their firsthand knowledge of both, the hardship and pleasure of working in the fields allows Farmers to be more than just a company, it encourages cooperation and unites genuine interests of the whole coffee chain, from the producers to the final consumers worldwide.Our goal: premium specialty coffee from the plantation to the cup.

And education awakens dreams...

Education as well as research have broadened everyone's vision of the world of specialty coffee. The idea of continuing to work with coffee and, in the future, starting their own business surged while the four partners were attending a Food Science and Technology course at Instituto Federal do Espírito Santo Campus Venda Nova do Imigrante (IFES-VNI). Professor and engineering PhD Lucas Louzada Pereira was especially important: he encouraged his then students to develop projects involving the coffee post-harvest process, making it possible to broaden and deepen their knowledge to hitherto unimaginable levels.

The dream takes shape...

In 2019 their dream of having their own business came to fruition. Farmers Coffee began on the balcony of the main house of Sítio dos Cedros, an improvised facility that made it possible to apply the knowledge acquired during all these years. Complications kept coming: they did not own a sieve set , let alone specific machinery to process coffee; the porch did not protect them from the cold at dawn during the many nights of hard work, and even the cups, when full of hot coffee, broke because of the thermal shock. These obstacles did not deter them, what they lacked in material conditions, they made up for in motivation and purpose - the vibrant energy in their hands combined with the support of family and friends, were the key ingredients for Farmers Coffee founders to overcome the challenges, going through a trial and error process to get to where it is today.

Farmers today:

Currently, Farmers Coffee headquarters are located in Venda Nova do Imigrante, where most of the administrative tasks are carried out, in addition to cupping and serving producers and partners. There is also a warehouse where the green coffee selection process, such as cleaning and sorting it by density and color is carried out . On a daily basis, our company welcomes producers from several cities in the Espírito Santo mountain region who want to improve their techniques and products, trusting the Farmers Coffee team to guide them through the process to attain better quality coffee - in total, there are more than 300 partner producers! With each passing day, Farmers Coffee consolidates itself as trustworthy and innovative in the coffee market, based on daily effort, respect for the reality in the field, and scientific and technological knowledge.

Our ideals and goals:

Farmers Coffee values local producers and it fosters a culture of belonging where working in the field is attractive to the newer generations. It shows them that agriculture is a world to be explored and that is filled with opportunities. It also aims to show the world the excellence of the specialty coffee varieties from the Espírito Santo Mountains, especially the Robusta coffee, which has long been considered a product of lower value, - not forgetting, of course, the Arabica coffee, which is already glamorous in the eyes of consumers. Finally, Farmers Coffee aims to operate in a sustainable and ecological way in which the quality of the product is a direct reflection of the quality of life of the entire coffee cycle.


   Dério Brioschi Junior:

A native of Venda Nova do Imigrante, Dério comes from a traditional family of coffee producers in the region. After graduating in Food Science and Technology from Ifes in 2019, a training that enabled him to deepen his research and strengthen academic ties with the world of coffee, he invested in the creation of Farmers Coffee with the purpose of getting a better understanding and participating actively to strengthen an important link of the coffee chain: marketing. Farmers Coffee allowed him to blend his knowledge as a producer and an undergraduate, and at the same time, reach new areas and expand his horizons. Dério is a certified Q-Grader by CQI (Coffee Quality Institute), an official BSCA (Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association) taster, and a juror for the Cup of Excellence 2021 and 2022, the main coffee quality competition in the world.


João Paulo Pereira Marcate:


With a deeply rooted heritage in coffee production since his great-grandparents’ time, João Paulo always knew that he would somehow follow in his family's footsteps. His parents incentivized him to pursue higher education and he graduated in Food Science and Technology from Ifes in 2019 after conducting extensive research on coffee processing. Because he aims to value the small producers in his region, he saw in Farmers Coffee the opportunity to put his ideals into practice: to show the world that coffee from the Espírito Santo Mountains is of outstanding quality , without forgetting those who work in the plantations daily so that the branch continues to be attractive for future generations. João Paulo is also a CQI certified Q-Grader, an expert in roasting specialty coffees, and has been a judge for the Cup of Excellence competition for several years.

Luiz Henrique Bozzi Pimenta de Sousa:


Luiz has always been connected to coffee plantations - born and raised in the Espírito Santo Mountains, his family has a long history of producing coffee beans, a trajectory that influenced him to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors. He graduated in Food Science and Technology from Ifes in 2019, having conducted research in the area of post-harvest coffee practices. Luiz believed in the potential of Farmers Coffee from the beginning, knowing that he would reap good results in the short and long term by trusting in his own as well as his partners’ capabilities. He benefited from the skills and experience of elders.He has worked tirelessly to consolidate Farmers Coffee as one of the most complete companies in the market. In addition, Luiz is a certified Q-Grader by CQI and was, along with his family, a champion producer of the Cup Of Excellence 2020, as well as one of the jurors of the same competition in previous editions


Philipe Bruneli Brioschi:


Philipe's hard-working family inspired him from a very young age to continue in the coffee business, going against the trend of the modern world in which producers’ offspring leave the countryside . Phelipe is currently studying Food Science and Technology at Ifes, and has already achieved Level 1 SCA in specialty coffee roasting. He is also a producer at Sítio dos Cedros, the property that was awarded the best place in the Program Destaque Brasil 2017, promoted by BSCA, an event that aims to reward the best Late Harvest coffee in Brazil. He embraced Farmers Coffee because he trusts the way in which the company develops and approaches the entire community and the coffee production chain, as it always considers the small producer as a fundamental part of its work and values what makes this region unique. Finally, Phelipe believes in the groundbreaking vision of Farmers Coffee and the concept of crossing borders in the coffee market, overcoming rigid concepts and aiming for excellence

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