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Montanhas do Espírito Santo

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the perfect place for quality coffee

The steep terrain, the humid soil full of life, the vegetation that shades the crops, the mild climate: there is no doubt that the Espírito Santo Mountains are the ideal environment for growing a coffee of impeccable quality and flavors that go beyond the traditional. There are nine municipalities that make up the region: Afonso Cláudio, Brejetuba, Castelo, Conceição do Castelo, Domingos Martins, Laranja da Terra, Marechal Floriano, and Venda Nova do Imigrante - cities that are not only united by similar geography, but also by their founding history and socioeconomic exchanges.

This paradise on earth, endowed with impressive natural beauty, was the perfect cradle for the coffee culture to consolidate and grow, serving as sustenance for countless families who prospered and thrived through a life of toil. The high humidity and hot temperatures in the summer contribute to the healthy growth of the coffee trees, while the dry winter and low temperatures help the fruit ripen, making it possible to harvest it in a more pleasant period. The mountainous terrain on the one hand hinders mechanization and, consequently, large scale production, on the other hand, was one of the factors that contributed to the maintenance of a family-based and sustainable agriculture, with coffee that is literally handpicked and has rare flavors. The coffee from the Espírito Santo Mountains, therefore, was born to be special!

"The coffee of Espírito Santo Mountains, therefore, was born to be special!"

commitment to the environment

The region lies within the Atlantic Forest biome, a tropical forest that harbors a unique biodiversity and heterogeneous vegetation, thanks to its extremely fertile soil and varied climate. This allows the coffee plantations not only to be protected from the intense summer sun, which could damage their foliage and fruit, but also allows other sun-filtering shade trees to mimic a forest structure. We cannot forget, of course, the responsibility that producers and companies share in occupying such a rich but,sadly, threatened land as this, and therefore it is of the utmost importance to support initiatives that preserve this biome.

Only by virtue of reconciling the needs of people, plantations, and nature, coffee from this region will continue to conquer national and international markets.Recognized for its quality through multiple awards and certificates,coffee currently represents a significant part of the economy of Espírito Santo - the state is the second largest national producer and exporter of the product - and specialty coffee, in particular, is growing steadily


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