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 A unique product, Robusta Tropical is an experience that transforms the vision of even the most experienced about what good coffee is. This is Robusta coffee (conilon), typical of the Espírito Santo Mountains, previously considered a commodity, and which now has its consolidated space in the range of specialty coffees – we only work with batches that reached at least 80 points. With sensory notes of chocolate and caramel, a clean drink with a good body, Robusta Tropical is ideal to compose high quality blends, but also perfect to be consumed pure.

Farmers' quality standard, Regional Blend is perfect for those looking for the traditional flavor, but with unique hints that translate the beauty of a region. Made up of 100% Arabica coffee from the Espírito Santo Mountains, it has sensory notes of chocolate and caramel, molasses sweetness and balanced citrus acidity.

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For customers looking for personality and uniqueness in their drink, Farmers Microlots will surprise you. These are unique and exclusive lots, made on a small scale, but with high sensory notes, promoting a remarkable experience of the terroir characteristics of the Espírito Santo Mountains. 

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